by Jarface

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released March 21, 2016



all rights reserved


Jarface Melbourne, Australia

Jarface is the unashamed result of Alternative Rock, Grunge, Metal and Stoner Rock all meeting up at a truck-stop restroom for some sweet, baby-making good times.

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Track Name: Never
If I never knew you,
Would I still be fucked up,
I wanted to keep you,
Locked in a small box,

You take your piece of me,
Don't hold it too close now,
This same hypocrisy,
And I am a unheeding,
Stretched out and bleeding for you,
For you,

If I never fucked you,
I'd still have my mind,
You think I'd forgive you,
For raking my pride,

The hate you seethe for me,
Does it help you mend,
Take your misery,
Cause you've given me so much,
And now I am nothing for you,
For you,
For you,
For you,

You wish to play the victim so let me give you something to cry for,
Feeble manipulations will never make you something to die for,

If I never knew you,
Would I still be fucked up,
If you never wanted, to leave me dejected,
You sure keep a promise, but now I'll be keeping mine,
Track Name: Detached
Hey where you going baby?
It seems the time and place,
Don't wanna hear them maybes,
Just wanna cheat myself a little taste,

Hey why you leaving darling?
(Well don't you want it)
We got them needs to fill,
(I know you do)
Well don't you feel it coming,
Darling nothing's stopping this will,

It's gonna feel good,
And satiate me,
It's gonna make you,
Wanna hate me,

It's gonna feel good,
(Feel good)
But only for me,
(For me)
It's gonna make you, make you, make you,
Wanna fucking kill me,

Track Name: Sold Out
There ain't no mourning for the fallen angels,
Just the latest casualty of the age,
Stitch them up with pretty paper wings,
And watch them burning while you're turning the page,

Sold out,
Well ain't it like honey,
Sold out,
Oh what a tragic cliché,
Fall down,
Enjoy the free fall honey,
Sold out,
It's only three steps away,

Unattainable American fable,
Render me the pointless obsolete,
Well still we all wish to believe,
The only worth is in the beauty we see,

Destain like a memory to forget,
Well show me how to revel in regret,
No one ever cared for real lament,
Only broken stars and beauty scars,